FERIAL SHMERIAL offers quality graphic design work and excellent custom service at an affordable rate. For each custom design project The Customer may choose between (2) forms of payment: an hourly rate of $40/hour or a proposed, contracted flat rate for the entire project. 

If the flat rate is chosen, Ferial Shmerial will review the design project details and offer a contracted rate for the whole project. This rate will include up to (3) design edit requests from the customer. 

If the hourly rate is chosen, Ferial Shmerial will bill the customer for total time spent on the project, with unlimited design edit requests from the customer. 

A non-refundable deposit is required for all custom design projects, due before the start of the project. For a flat rate project: a 20% deposit required; for an hourly rate project: $4 deposit. Upon completion of project, final payments will be billed and processed before products are shipped / sent. 

Design edit requests will only be accepted via email. 

Physical products are printed and shipped through Automated Photo Technology (automatedphototechnology.com) with their Enhanced Matte Paper, 12 mils thickness. 

Digital products are emailed directly to the customer via .PNG files (other formats available upon request, please note that editable file formats (.PSD, etc.) will not be sent)

Once the final product(s) have been received by The Customer (digital or physical), Ferial Shmerial will not keep the project files for further projects or changes unless The Customer request that the files be kept for an additional holding fee

All sales are final. Ferial Shmerial is not responsible for any damage to physical products during shipping. 

All payments are processed via PayPal. All communication is conducted via email: ferialshmerial@gmail.com


H E R E ' S  H O W  I T  W O R K S :  

  • Email all design inquiries to ferialshmerial@gmail.comPlease use as much detail as possible regarding what you are wanting in your design (size, purpose, colors, font style, timeline--how quickly you need the design finished--, etc.). Feel free to send sample images for inspiration. Please also note which payment format you are interested in: the hourly rate or the flat rate. 
  • Ferial Shmerial will respond to your design inquiry within (3) business days with a contract including the proposed flat rate for the project or a proposed amount of hours for the project. The proposed hourly amount is subject to change as the hourly rate contract includes unlimited edits. 
  • Once Ferial Shmerial and The Customer agree to the terms of the contract, the non-refundable deposit is billed and processed. Design work is commenced according to the contract. 
  • Final billing is processed at the completion of the project, before the final product(s) are shipped / sent. 


Thank you for your support and collaboration! I look forward to working with you. :) 

Ferial Shmerial