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Let there be Lucy ✨

Pregnancy. What an experience!

I am thankful to say that I had a very uncomplicated, healthy pregnancy. We didn’t always know that this was going to be the case. From years of walking the road of infertility, to a surprising and scary mid-pregnancy diagnosis of a short cervix, we definitely had our anxieties during my pregnancy with Lucia. That being said, all in all, my pregnancy was a smooth and pleasant ride…

An Experiment in Quitting --or-- A Three's Nightmare

I am slowly re-discovering that I have spent my whole life defining who I am by what I do. Performance, achievement, accolades, awards, recognition, praise--these are all words that I love and crave. Fail, quit, lose, stop, unfollow--these are words that I hate and am afraid of. Because if I don’t perform, and perform well, then I don’t feel valuable. And this, this is why I hate the thought of publishing this blog post...

Full Circle

There was a crisp chill in the air on that late January day. I’d been on a bus for the better part of 3 days. I’d endured sleepless nights, little food, and physical violence only to arrive in Oakland California tired, nervous, and nearly broke. It was all worth it though. The entire trip, and the entire bent and trajectory of my life over the past few months had been leading up to this place, at this time...

A Confirmation Conversation

If you've hung around here long enough, you know that we recently became Anglican. This journey has been deeply meaningful and spiritually rich. We are learning a lot and growing deeper in our faith in Jesus.

On Saturday, June 3rd, 2017, the Trams received Confirmation into the Anglican Communion. This was an impacting experience, and we left feeling very grateful for the family that we've found in our new parish, but also for the continued grace of God in our lives...

Out of the Wardrobe

We are becoming Anglican. 

Boom. I said it. And put it on the internet! 

We = my husband, John, and I. Becoming Anglican = transitioning from our Baptist / non-denominational church practice to an Anglican church and practice. 

After a lot of study, a lot of discussion, and a lot of new words like sacramentology, and intinction, we’re making what amounts to a life-changing shift in the way we do church, and follow Jesus...

Current Thoughts on Motherhood

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything about infertility and motherhood. To be honest, I haven’t really know what to write about as I don’t have any real updates.


I am not pregnant.

I still have PCOS.

We still want children.

We are not currently pursuing any medical treatments, foster care, or adoption...