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Let there be Lucy ✨

Pregnancy. What an experience!

I am thankful to say that I had a very uncomplicated, healthy pregnancy. We didn’t always know that this was going to be the case. From years of walking the road of infertility, to a surprising and scary mid-pregnancy diagnosis of a short cervix, we definitely had our anxieties during my pregnancy with Lucia. That being said, all in all, my pregnancy was a smooth and pleasant ride…

Current Thoughts on Motherhood

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything about infertility and motherhood. To be honest, I haven’t really know what to write about as I don’t have any real updates.


I am not pregnant.

I still have PCOS.

We still want children.

We are not currently pursuing any medical treatments, foster care, or adoption...

Sync Meetings

Anyone else out there love making plans? I sure do. If it can be color-coded and listed in my Moleskine day planner and digital Google calendar, I will enter it--even if it's just running to the pet store. 

That's partly why I love Sync Meetings...

Meet me at the table.

My roommates and I shared our first "family dinner" together this week. We have been residing underneath the same roof for six weeks now, but not until this week did we all have the time and space to be able to sit down together at the table...