Plot Twist...

Plot Twist...

September 4, 2018

After 8 years of hoping and waiting, despairing and worrying, tears and prayers—BabyTram is now a very tiny, precious reality. 


We are overjoyed, over the moon ecstatic, and terrified. It really does feel like all the feels. We are overwhelming grateful for God’s provision of this new little life and scared out of our minds that we will have to raise it. 😂

At the time of this blog post I am 15 weeks along and just embarking on my second trimester. We found out about BabyTram very early on, at about four and half weeks, and it’s just been a roller coaster of emotions ever since! I haven’t been nauseous at all so far and for that I am truly thankful. My main symptoms have been fatigue (I feel utterly useless some days), gassiness (poor John), and some emotional mood swings (again, poor John). 

It has been such a joy to share the news of BabyTram with our family and friends. We feel so saturated in celebration and love by those around us, it’s incredible. On most days it all still feels very surreal and in some moments I am shocked back into remembering that I’m never alone anymore but that there is a tiny baby hanging out with me all the time! I still feel very anxious about the pregnancy, battling fears of loss or unforeseen circumstances, but I am trying my best not to live in that fear. 

Would you commit to praying for BabyTram and for us? For health and strength through this pregnancy, for peace and unity in our marriage, and for the formation and faith of this new little life? We would be so grateful for your prayers!  

I'm sure I'll have many more BabyTram adventures to share in the future, but that's all for this first introduction to our new favorite little person. Thank you for celebrating with us! 

❤️ John, Ferial, and BabyTram

Photo credit: Forsyth Photography

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