2017 Reading List

2017 Reading List

As we approach the end of the year, it is natural for us to evaluate the past 12 months and look toward the new year with plans, dreams, and goals. One of the things that I am realizing about 2016 is that I didn't read very many books. This is strange for me, as I have been an avid reader for all of my life. I think this is, in part, because I dived deeper into the worlds of audiobooks and podcasts--both which I love. 

That being said, I'd like to read more books next year. I wanted to put together a short list of books that have been on my to-read list for a while and really commit to reading them in 2017.  

Here are my book picks for 2017:  



The Anglican Way - Fr. Thomas McKenzie

As John and I start this new journey on the Canterbury Trail, this book is at the top of my reading list. A self-proclaimed guidebook to all things Anglican, I am certain that this book will provide me with much needed information and resources.



Grace, Not Perfection - Emily Ley

I’ve actually already started this book, and I’m excited to continue reading it and finish it in 2016. I discovered Emily Ley as a designer first and admire her Simplified Planners. I learned that she had written a book after hearing her give an interview on The Happy Hour podcast. I so enjoyed Emily’s interview and I really resonated with her goal for grace, not perfection.


Someday, Someday, Maybe - Lauren Graham

I’m a big Lauren Graham fan. From Gilmore Girls to Parenthood and back to Gilmore Girls, I just think she’s great. This is a novel that she wrote about a young woman’s journey trying to make it as an actress. I imagine that this will be a fun and entertaining read.



This Momentary Marriage - John Piper

This book has been on my reading list for a while. I’ve always enjoyed John Piper, but more his speaking than his writing (have you ever tried to get through Future Grace? Blergh). That being said, I look forward to getting into this book. Piper dives into the biblical meaning of marriage and “aims to lift the church’s low view of marriage to something infinitely greater”.




Out of the House of Bread - Preston Yancey


I am drawn to this book for multiple reasons. The tagline of the book is “Satisfying Your Hunger for God with the Spiritual Disciplines”, and creating space and rhythms for spiritual disciplines is something that I aim and hope to do in 2017. Also, Yancey utilizes the example of baking bread as a theme throughout the book. Bread + spiritual disciplines, I’m all in.



The Royal We - Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

I wanted to add a few fiction books to my list and this book had enough great reviews and an intriguing plot line to make the list. The synopsis makes me believe that this will be a light, funny, and rom-com type read.




The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg

This seems like it will be a straightforward and interesting book on the science behind why habits exist, how we form habits, and how we can change them. As a routinized individual who loves structure, I’m looking forward to learning more about habit-forming.






The More of Less - Joshua Becker

I have followed Joshua Becker’s writing on for a while now. I really enjoy his simple, encouraging, and straightforward approach to a minimalistic lifestyle. I have found it easier in the last few years to embrace more and more minimalism in my life, home, and wardrobe. I wish to continue further down this path in 2017, and I am certain that this book will help.


That's it for my 2017 reading list! I am so excited to start these books. I hope to be able to share lessons learned and my thoughts on each of these reads in the new year. 

What's on your reading list these days? 

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