Sync Meetings

Sync Meetings

Anyone else out there love making plans? And not just for the purpose of doing fun stuff, but literally for just making the plans? I sure do. If it can be color-coded and listed in my Moleskine day planner and digital Google calendar, I will enter it--even if it's just running to the pet store. 

That's partly why I love Sync Meetings. The other part of loving Sync Meetings is because I love my husband; loving John and loving organization, that's really all there is to me. I guess it's a three-part love because I really love Jesus. Jesus + John + organization = happy Ferial. 

I referenced Sync Meetings in a previous post a few weeks ago and I'm excited to share more on the topic. My husband and I started this tradition a few years ago after he got the idea from Mark Driscoll (and I'm sure that Mr. Driscoll is not the first to think about having organizational meetings with your spouse). John and I meet regularly, usually every other week, to plan, schedule, discuss, and organize. Sync Meetings are NOT dates or fights, and we try hard to keep them strictly business for the purposes of being productive and effective in our lives, our marriage, our work, and our ministry, both together and individually. One of the most important things to discuss as a couple, and as soon as possible, is your mission. What do you want your lives (and thus your marriage & family) to be about? Having this conversation will help to ensure that your goals line-up with and advance your ultimate goal.

Some topics that we will typically discuss during a Sync Meeting are: 

  • syncing our schedules
    • discuss / plan upcoming events
    • keep each other informed of individual activities / work schedules
    • menu plan
    • plan date night / vacations
    • make sure we're not taking on too much
  • our budget
  • the future 
    • dreams
    • plans
    • goals
    • projects
    • individual things + together things
  • fun stuff
    • currently listening to: music, podcasts
    • currently reading: books, articles
    • currently watching: tv, documentaries, movies
      • (because sometimes its fun to do things by yourself, can I get an amen?)

We've found that syncing up regularly provides us with some needed structure and organization. We also realized that I had a tendency to bombard John with requests, concerns, and discussion topics at the worst moments (as he was walking out the door for work, right before bed, etc.). We ended up getting into countless arguments due to bad timing. Now that we have the structure of a Sync Meeting, anytime I come across an idea, question, or item that I want to bring to John, I will put it in a note on my phone as a reminder and then bring it up at our next Sync Meeting**. John also tracks his own items and brings them up during our meetings. Both of us feel heard and acknowledged and much less overwhelmed by the other, and to put it simply, more stuff just gets done better. 

**I'd like to add that I definitely don't wait to talk to my husband about e v e r y t h i n g. Sync Meetings should not replace regular connection and engagement with your spouse. Sync Meetings are really just for business + productivity. 

How about you? Do you have sync up times with your spouse? What works best for you? 

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