Resolution Songs // Month 2

Does anyone else feel like January 2014 even happened? SO FAST JANUARY.

From what I can remember, January was a good month. We went ice skating, continued to nest in our new home, saw Gungor in concert (AMAZING show! See them live if you can!), and spent lots of time with friends. We are loving our small group and really enjoying doing life with some wonderful people. AND, I'm going to be an auntie! I'm so thrilled for my brother and sister-in-law. #babyzoub

There were also some hard moments. Moments of doubt, arguments, mild depression, fear, and anger. I won't pretend like the bad staff didn't happen in January. But, in the good times and the bad times, I found my resolution to be oh so helpful. I sang my song over and over again, and the music spoke truth and shed light into my heart. You have come to save us, Lord. 

For this month, February, I wanted to choose a song that could act in the same way. A song that would be a truthful reminder, a sharp weapon against negative thoughts + feelings, an exclamation of praise. And I think I found the perfect one. I chose, "You Saved My Soul" by Rivers & RobotsRivers & Robots is a talented, young indie worship band out of Manchester, UK. I highly recommend their album, Take Everything (2012). I love their bright, layered sound, and their intricate, Psalm-like lyrics. 

I pray that God will use this song in my life over the next month. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. I look forward to updating you, bloggy friends, on what God gives me with this song. 

How are your resolutions going?

Let the new song arise 
From every tongue and tribe 
Every mountain high 
And every valley 

Let our love burn bright 
All through the darkest night 
Let the flames take flight 

To the one who gave it all to have my heart 
And from the very start, He knew every part of me 
Who I would be, and how He'd make me to give Him glory 

Beautiful one, You saved my soul 
You are my everything, You make me whole 
What can I give but give my all? 
You're so deserving 

So I will love You Lord 
With all my heart and soul 
All my mind and strength 
Just like You told us to and 

You are here 
Your spirit lives in me 
You've opened my eyes to see 

You are no more behind a temple wall, You gave Your life for all 
Waiting for an open heart to open wide, and You'd come inside 
And breathe new life


from Take Everything, released 20 July 2012

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