Autumnal Update

Happy Fall, ya'll! 

(normally, it would be weird for a California girl to be caught saying "ya'll", but I blame my southern greeting on my dear friend, Jordan, who has influenced my life--and my speech, it turns out. Jordan is from Arkansas and has the southern belle-est drawl of them all)

I digress. 

I wanted to pop in and give ya'll an update on what the Trams have been up to lately. 

We are completely loving this cooler, fall weather--and all of the seasonal scents, to boot. 

Not to mention, boots + sweaters + scarves, oh my. 

A dear friend of ours had a birthday recently, and we celebrated by going out for nomlicious Korean food, and then going for Korean karaoke! Korean karaoke is the same as any other kind of "Asian" karaoke, in that it's not like a karaoke bar where you sing to the entire room. You rent out a private room and just sing with your friends! IT'S SO FUN.

And, it felt like we were home. We are SO homesick for Korea sometimes.

The hubs

and I have had the privilege of leading a Young Adults small group through our church. We are so enjoying the small group setting and we have such a great group of people! Our church's Young Adult Ministry is called YAM (^^), and so when we created the small group we decided to name it "Small Potatoes". We are so pleased with ourselves.

Our small group is going through the book

Jesus + Nothing = Everything

and I am really enjoying it so far. I can tell that this book is really going to stretch me, and it has already brought on some great discussions within our group, as well as some great quotes to meditate on. 

I've also had the best time being a part of the worship team at

our church

. I've always loved leading worship, and there is something so humbling and wonderful about playing with such a talented and passionate group of musicians. I'm so grateful.

There's also been a few new designs in my shop. I'm loving having the creative outlet, and I've had the privilege of working on some beautiful custom projects lately--specifically some Save the Dates for some dear friends (I'm so excited for their wedding!).

And for those of you who made it all the way through this loooong update, 

I'd like to bestow upon you a reward. ^^

How about BUY 1 GET 1 FREE in

the shop


Head over to

Ferial-Shmerial Designs

, add one print of your choice to your cart, mention the words "AUTUMN YEAH" in the note to seller box along with the title of a second print of your choice, and I'll send you both prints for the price of one. Early Christmas shopping, anyone?

I'll be honoring this deal until midnight on OCTOBER 21, 2013.

Happy Fall, ya'll.

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