PinterTest: Date Night Passport

This little book is one of my new favorite things. 

May I introduce, the date night passport. 

I found this idea on Pinterest

The basic idea is that you collect all of the places that you've wanted to visit for a date, write them down in this "passport", and visit them throughout the year for date nights. I am confident that this passport will help alleviate the hubs' and I's constant habit of "You choose", "No, you choose". 

We sat down the other night and started adding entries to our date night passport and had a great time doing it! 

We included the name of the place, dollar signs to indicate how spendy the date would be, and an address. Once we've visited the place we can stamp our passport. I'm excited to choose a stamp for the occasion, perhaps a custom stamp will need to be ordered (oh joy!) ^^. 

Happy date-nighting! 

What will go into your date night passport? 

Something Exciting!

A San Francisco Saturday