InstaLife: May 2013 // and the beginning of June too...

Can you believe it's June already??

May was a difficult month, a long + difficult month. 
But it was a good one too, a good + necessary month. 

There was some cat-walking, some encouragement, some swimming and sun fun, and lots of driving. 

There were some cute clothes, some writing about what hurts, some more encouragement, and a reunion with a Korea-forever-friend. 

There was a #Tramdateday to the Boon Fly Cafe and Heart's Desire Beach at Tomales Bay State Park

I celebrated a dear friend who received her Master's degree, started running, geeked out to Star Trek, and received the CUTEST early anniversary present from the hubs

I celebrated my baby sister who is GRADUATING FROM HIGHSCHOOL this week. 
And then I felt old about it. 

And then I celebrated our 6th anniversary. 
John and I started a tradition last year (on our 5th anniversary) that we would both write a letter to each other every year on our anniversary, and that letter would not get to be opened and read until the following year's anniversary. So last year we wrote our first letters, and this year we got to read them and then write letters to open and read next year. It's a beautiful tradition and yes, John's letter made me cry. It's a lovely thing to look back and reflect on the past year, see how we've each grown, and look forward and hope for our future. 

Here's to 6 years of marriage, to my graduating sister, to the beginning of summer, 
and here's to hope! 

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Dear baby sister,

Love >> Hope >> Courage