A San Francisco Saturday

A couple of weeks ago we spent a wonderful day in the city with some good friends, 
enjoying the beautiful cool weather (it was 100* inland and 75* in the city!) and getting ready for a Five Iron Frenzy concert that night.

Started the day at SightGlass Coffee and I didn't feel cool enough to be there. 
Good coffee though! :) 

Picnic lunch at Full House Alamo Park

Drinking chocolate at Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolate
Talk about the perfect dessert! You know how with most desserts you have to eat like 11 Oreos in order to feel satisfied? (I'm not saying it's right to eat 11 Oreos, it's just what happens) Well this delectable little cup of perfection was just the right size, not too sweet, and was the most wonderful balance of flavor. Mocha flavored and topped with a cloud-like vanilla bean marshmallow it was just rightThe hubs and I split one of these cuppa-goodnesses and were perfectly satistfied. 

Traipsing through the city with these lovely folks! 
I'm so thankful for great friends

Then off to The Regency Ballroom for the FIF show! 

We got to meet the band! :D 

Epic show! 

We closed out the night by heading to Mel's Diner for some late night yummies. I don't have any pictures of that though because I was too tired to think of it. #gettingtoooldforthatcrap

What are your plans for the weekend? 

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