Guess who's back?

Tell a friend. 

Ferial-Shmerial is back. 

Well, at least I hope so. 

I've missed blogging and now that life has settled down a bit, 
I feel I can try and start posting regularly again. 

Let's re-cap, shall we? 

In the last 6 months, the hubs and I have: 

>> moved overseas
>> flew on an airplane with a cat!
>> moved in with my parents
>> had a dear friend visit us from Korea
>> gotten plugged back into our church
>> gotten job(s)
>> moved out of my parents house
>> bought a car
>> moved into our own cute little apartment
>> refinished a table
>> reunited with family and old friends
>> been homesick for Korea (often, actually)

We are happy. 
We have a cute little home, our fur baby, our family and friends, 
and so much to be thankful for. 
When I even think back to the stress and exhaustion of moving across the ocean again
I am overwhelmed by God's goodness and provision and just so thankful that we made it. 

We miss Korea (and our people there) something fierce. 
Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and in those moments right before 
I open my eyes, I expect to see my room in Korea when I open them. 

These days, I'm missing my Korean commute a lot; 
that one-minute walk to work couldn't be beat. 
Nowadays, I've got a 30-minute drive to work in traffic. 
It really is such a beautiful road, though, and if I have to be stuck in traffic, 
it's the best place to be. 

A 30-minute commute certainly isn't anything to complain about either. 
Especially since I love my job. 
Yep, and there's no sarcasm in that sentence. 
I truly do love my job. 
I can't help but be SO THANKFUL to the Lord for providing me with this job. 
Jobs aren't exactly plentiful right now, 
and God not only provided me with full-time work that pays our bills, 
but with full-time work that I care about and enjoy. 
Thank you, Jesus. 

So, all that to say, I'm back. 
Back in California. 
Back to work. 
Back to blogging. 

Here's to 2013. 

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