Back-2-Cali & a Mug Swap

We made it! 

Here we are in California, with a lovely evening breeze blowing through my window and absolutely NO humidity to be felt! It is truly wonderful, and I had nearly forgotten what perfect weather feels like. 

The hubs and flew in on Thursday, and it could have been the worst trip of our lives. 
Firstly, we were being uprooted from our home for the last four years; leaving dear friends, our creatively put together nest, our jobs, our schedules and routines and all familiarities.
Secondly, we were flying home with our cat. 
30,000 feet in the air, for over 12 hours (including a layover in Vancouver), with our dear fur-baby. 
Thirdly, we had to pack and clean and pack and clean and train new teachers and pack and clean and move out of our little and loved apartment. 
Needless to say, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. 

And here is where I report that despite all of the obstacles in front of us, 
And even if the trip had been horrible, He would have still being faithful because He just can't stop being faithful, but the trip (all things considered) was FANTASTIC!
What could have been the worst 26-ish hours of our lives, turned out to be great! 
So, God was faithful and MERCIFUL! 

Our dearest and bestest friends in Korea drove us to the airport. 
That was not an easy goodbye. I mean, how in the world do you say goodbye to folks that you just love with your whole heart and then some? It was so hard, there were many tears, but I wouldn't have traded that time for anything. I was so glad to have them there, supporting us, praying with and for us, loving us, and sending us off. 

Moto, our dear fur-baby, did exceptionally well with the traveling, praise the Lord! 
This was the aspect of the trip that I was most worried about. Our dear cat is such a lovey thing, but he's also very vocal. I didn't want to be those people on the plane who had the cat who didn't shut up for the 10 hour flight and kept everyone awake. 
BUT, he did so great! He was meowy and uncomfortable, but once we were on the plane and in the air, I covered his travel bag with my blanket and he kept quiet. We were also sitting next to a dear old lady who loved animals and didn't mind the cat at all! 

OK, before this gets too long, I'll sum up the rest of our trip: 
We flew through Vancouver (Canadians are SO NICE!) and on to San Francisco, picked up rental car, drove down to my brother's place (he and his new wife are kitty-caring for Moto for the time being until we get our own place), spent a few days with the cute newlyweds and let Moto adjust, drove back up to the airport, got picked up by one of my best friends, and arrived at my parents house yesterday evening! Wooo! 

Aaaaand, when I got here, there was a wonderful package waiting for me! 
Thank you, CuppaKim, for a wonderful Mug Swap
And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, sweet Cindy, for such adorable mugs!! 
I've wanted these mugs for a looong time, they're the kind where you can stash your tea bag on the side pocket when it's steeped long enough--so nifty! 

And that, my friends, is how the last couple of days have been.
We are missing our Korea-home and Korea-family whilst still being excited and happy with Cali-family and Cali-friends. It's very strange to be feeling both emotions at the same time.
And since we gained a whole day when flying from Korea to California,
we're also adjusting to a different time zone and trying to figure out what day it really is.

But for now, I'm just going to relax with a cup of tea in my new cute mug.
Here's to being unemployed! 


This is not the end.