Spring. Break.

It's spring and we're taking a break. 

We've been keeping it on the down-low for a while, but... 


The hubs and I are so blessed and grateful that we were able to book the time off
and take this vacation. 
You see, we celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary on June 1st
and we had a week's vacation saved up. 
Our wedding anniversary week lines up exactly with a semester break week at work. 
So, we did a lot of research, made a budget, and 
chose Nusa Dua, Bali as our anniversary vacation destination! 

We wanted to pick a place that was more accessible and cheaper for us to visit
from here in Korea than traveling from the U.S.  
Now that we are planning to leave Korea in the fall, 
I wish that we would have had more opportunity to travel around 
and see more of Asia. 
Even still, I am SO grateful for this chance to take this dream vacation
with my dear hubs in Bali. 

I am beyond excited. 
This will be our very first tropical vacation together! 
And, I even got a new swimsuit for the occasion. :) 

We've planned a few things into our itinerary, 
and also planned some purposeful relaxation on the beach. 

I promise to post a bunch of pictures and tell you all about it 
when we get back! 

Hopefully by then I'll have a great tan. ^^ 



Today I'm Thankful for Korean Health Insurance.