Last week I was teaching "city" vocabulary in a few of my ESL classes. 
I like to do supplemental activities on top of my curriculum, 
so I hopped on over to Google and searched for some city-creating projects. 
One of the first results was and I'm so glad I found it. 
It's a simple, Sims-like program where you can design and build your own city. 
My students loved it. 
We spent the bulk of our time last week thinking up our cities 
and implementing our designs. 

As the hubs and I were driving home the other night, 
I was reflecting on these city-creating experiences. 
We were coming from the home of some dear friends who had filled our evening
with delicious food and wonderful fellowship. 
Just the night before we had also spent the evening with some other dear friends 
who had shown us equal hospitality. 
AND the day after all this reflecting we were planning on
spending time with yet another two families in celebration and fellowship. 
Needless to say, we were on the receiving end of a lot great hospitality. 

Getting back to the scene of my passenger-seat-reflections, 
I was thinking about all of the dear friends that God has put into our life 
in the last four years spent in Korea. 
And all of the dear friends waiting for us at home. 
Not to mention our beloved family and
those dear to us who are living all over the world. 
And I considered my city-creation lesson plans. 

 Wouldn't it just be 
if I really could create my own city
and populate it with all of those dear ones? 
We could all live and work together for the glory of our God 
and the benefit of the entire community. 
Living together, working, eating, creating, singing, playing, 
building, laughing, crying, and bearing each other's burdens. 
True community
Doesn't that just sound marvelous? 

And as I continued to think about my utopia
I realized that my city dreams will one day come true, 
but thank God, 
it won't be my city, but His

And if that isn't something to look forward to, 
I don't know what is. 


Spring, spring, spring, spring

Perfect Peace