I dread Mondays. 

It's a sad reality of my life right now. 

My work situation is very difficult
and frustrating at the moment. 
As most of you know, 
I am an ESL teacher at a Korean community center. 
And as the resident specialist in young children, 
my days generally consist of the ABC's, 
storytelling time, and lots of hand sanitizer. 

Doesn't sound that bad, right? 

And to be perfectly honest, it's not. 
It's not that bad. 
it's been not that bad 
for a long time now

It would be very hard for me to explain
how exactly my job sucks, 
and I really don't want this post to turn into complaining, 
even though I'm really good at complaining about my job. 

I just wanted to be able to document this part of my life, 
for remembrance's sake and also in light of 
the commitment I made at the beginning of this year 

While reading through my Google Reader this morning
I came across a quote that my dear friend posted on her blog. 
The quote is from a man named Steven Furtick 
and it was exactly what I needed to hear today: 

“The situation around you may look nothing 
like the vision God has put inside you.
But by the power of faith,
you can turn your small beginning into a grand finale.
Here’s the way Jesus put it in Matthew 17:20:
‘I tell you the truth,
if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,
you can say to this mountain,
“Move from here to there”
and it will move.
Nothing will be impossible for you.’

In this frustrating, cross-cultural, 
unfulfilling, mundane, ever-shifting, and unstable job
I want to 
choose faith. 
I want to 
choose love. 

 O LORD, help. 

Dear Dad,

New Year's Resolution