This year feels like a big year to me. 
And no, I don't think the world is going to end

2012 feels big. 
It feels like a lot is going to happen. 
My best-baby-friend (new term, folks) is celebrating his first birthday, 
my brother is getting married, my sister is starting her senior year in highschool, 
so many dear friends are bringing new littles into the world, 
and more friends are moving and leaving and traveling. 
Change is happening, growth is taking place, and 
the hands on the clock of life never cease to move. 

The hubs and I are also in the process of 
seeking direction and guidance from the Lord 
as we plan for 2012. 
This could be a monumental year for us. 

We've been in Korea for 3 and a half years now. 
Our teaching contracts are finished at the end of August. 
We will be debt free. 
The goal that we came to fulfill is complete. 
We are tired, homesick, and jaded. 
We have family and friends waiting for us in the States. 
In a big way, it feels like it is time. 
Time to go home. 

But what does that even mean? 
In the last 3 and half years, Korea has become home. 
Pyeongtaek has become home. 
This tiny little apartment has become home. 
God has provided family for us here: friends that have done life with us
so much so that the lines of regular friendship have been crossed, 
life-long familial relationships have been achieved. 
We have overcome unique cross-cultural situations and work difficulties. 
We have nested. 
We have a cuddly cat. 
We have a Christian community. 
We have learned the language. 
We know this place, from the coziest coffee shops 
to the best samgyeopsal to the train schedule to the open markets. 
This is home. 

To leave would be life-altering. 
We have put down such deep roots in this place, 
to transplant now and pull up those roots would be both painful and scary. 
And yet, there is a decision to be made. 
There is no easy answer, either way we are leaving someone. 
I hope that our closest family and friends know how we wrestle with this decision, 
how important you all are to us. 

Oh the possibilities. 
We have so many plans, but we are seeking the right one. 

Needless to say, we need prayer. 
We don't know what we are going to do or where we are going to go. 
We don't know how to plan or what to be excited or scared about. 
We are waiting. 
And we are praying. 
Will you pray for us? 


Lyrical: I Am Set Free

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