A Winner & Some Christmas Thoughts

First of all, thanks to all of you who participated in my 
very first giveaway! 

The winner of the $25 gift certificate 
to is: 

Cindy, your digital gift card should be in your inbox
on Wednesday the 21st, congratulations! 

It was so wonderful to read all of your Christmas traditions! 
I've even thought of adopting some of your ideas 
for future Christmases. ^^ 

Growing up, I didn't really experience many Christmas traditions. 
Every year seemed different. 
And every year seemed hectic. 
Preparations for having family over on Christmas day, 
wearing nice clothes to church, eating lots of good food, 
the anticipation of a break from school, 
and all the pretty lights. 

The hubs and I have started one simple 
Christmas tradition since we've been married. 
On Christmas morning we make French Toast, 
and eat it in front of the "fire". 
Christmas morning, 2009. Our first Christmas in Korea. 
This year Christmas day falls on a Sunday. 
 John and I won't be able to have our 
French Toast breakfast that morning
because we'll be getting up early to go to 
lead our church family in musical worship and celebration. 

But hopefully we'll get to have French Toast for lunch. ^^ 

Happy Christmas! 


Merry Christmas from Moto!

Recipe: Crockpot Tomato Soup