The Jet-Lag Mash-Up

This, my friends, is what jet-lag looks like: 

- due to a plane problem and a missed connection, 
the hubs and I were given a one-night stay in a nice hotel
 and our long flight from Chicago to Tokyo
was upgraded to a better airline! 

- arrived home about midnight this past Sunday night, 
but didn't have to work until Monday afternoon, 
thank you manager and thank you Jesus. 

- have been really enjoying wearing my new clothes
purchased from Amurrica, 
especially this red trench coat

- so happy to be reunited with my Moto-cat

- miss my TN family so much already,
and really wish that I could get my CA family
and my TN family all in one place
and join them there forever. 

- almost finished unpacking! 
That's a big deal for this un-packing hater. 

- glad to be away from all that country music. ^^ 

- so happy to be sleeping in my own bed, 
wish I could be there right now. 

- TN is really dark at night. 

- Korea is never dark. 

- can't believe it's December! 

- I hope Christmas doesn't come and go too fast. 
Being a teacher in Korea = not having any time off for Christmas :(

- I must go hunt down some caffeine. 


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