Travel Organizer

Last week I wrote a post about how excited I am about 
our upcoming trip to the States. 

I love traveling with the hubs
I love packing up my things for the excitement to come. 
I love people-watching in the airports. 
I love using my neck-pillow on the plane. 

What I don't love is rooting around in my bag 
trying to find all of my documents and such. 

And so, with the help of this great tutorial
the Travel Organizer was born.

*Please don't laugh at my sloppy stitches, 
I'm still learning to sew. ^^ 
**Aaaand, please don't laugh at my purple tie-dye shirt, 
I made it myself. *^^*

It holds everything perfectly, ready for quick access. 
And it makes my crafty little heart happy. 

Only 2 more weeks until we fly! 


Linking up all over the place.

Happy birthday, Hubs!

Insta-Friday {3}