Bacon-Banana Pancakes

After my last Insta-Friday post
many of you inquired about my photo of the nomlicious
'bacon-banana pancakes'. 

And so, without further ado, 
here's the how-to...

I used 3 ingredients: 
Krusteaz pancake mix, 2 ripe bananas, 
and one package of bacon. 

Open your package of bacon, but don't separate the pieces. 
Lay the whole hunk of bacon down on your cutting board
and slice into strips perpendicular to the length. 

Heat up your frying pan and add your bacon strips to the hot pan. 
Fry your bacon over medium heat 
and stir occasionally with a spatula. 
As the bacon strips cook they will separate into bits. 

While the bacon cooks, slice up your bananas into small pieces. 

Once your bacon has cooked up and reached a nice, crispy texture, 
turn off the heat and drain your bacon pieces. 
You can do this a number of ways, the most traditional way 
is to lay the bacon pieces on paper towels to drain off 
the excess grease. 

I prefer to use this great contraption that I call 
the 'double colander'. 
It's a slotted colander on top and a bowl to fit 
underneath it and catch all the stuff that needs to drain. 
Find one and use it for stuff, I recommend it. 

So, back to the recipe, bacon pieces go into the double colander, 
give it a good swirl around, 
and excess grease drains down into the bowl. 
Bacon stays crispy, Ferial stays happy. 

Prepare your pancake batter in your preferred way. 
I used the simple (and delicious) Krusteaz pancake mix, 
but you could use any type of mix 
or make your batter from scratch if you like. 

I used just over 2 cups of Krusteaz pancake mix 
and then added water until the batter was the consistency that I wanted, 
not too thin but not too thin. 

Add your bacon pieces and your banana pieces 
to the batter and gently incorporate them into the batter. 

Heat up your frying pan once more
and start cooking those pancakes! 

I use a non-stick skillet and a standard sized ladle. 
One ladle of pancake batter usually 
makes the perfect size pancake! 

Cook each pancake for 3-4 minutes on each side
(until you see the little bubbles forming)
over medium heat. 
The bananas in the batter add a lot more density
and moisture to your pancakes, 
so make sure to cook them all the way through. 

I also like to set up stations next to my frying pan
for buttering the pancakes that just come off the pan. 

This recipe made up 8 very hearty, 
grown-up sized pancakes. 
I recommend serving with your favorite 
pancake syrup. 
The mixture of bacon-banana-syrup flavors are amazing! 

Happy pancaking! 


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