Quoted: A fun God

"We associate all the fun and excitement and neon coolness of life
with the world and leave God all the boring, discipline-flavored moments. 
He's like eating broccoli. 
We know it's good for us, but it's still broccoli. 
But that can't be right. 
He's constantly saying, 
"Let's go find cliffs to jump off of," 
"I know exactly what you need, because, guess what, 
I put that need there." 
He created my heart and the deepest desires I have, 
and there's no yacht or nightclub on the planet that can 
access those spots of me like God can. 

And besides, he invented sex. 
And not just "let's make a baby" sex--He invented 
"whoa, the world just tilted on its axis; I can't believe 
we get to do that and go to heaven too" sex. 
Sometimes we act like we were the ones that discovered it was fun, 
like maybe God was in heaven and was surprised to see how 
enjoyable we were able to make it. 
"Whoa, I created that for procreation purposes; 
I had no idea it would be so awesome." 
And so we give the world credit for sex
and think that God is only down with the functional version, 
but the fun version, the wild version, 
that's probably something Marvin Gaye came up with.

- "Telling testimonies that are exciting right up until the moment you became a Christian",  Jon Acuff


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