On bathtubs

A few mornings ago, 
as I was getting ready for work in the bedroom, 
the hubs came into the room, huffed, and said,
"I hate it when I have to use the toilet after I've showered." 
Then, he proceeded to take his jeans off
and head into the bathroom sporting only his boxers. 

Is that weird to you? 

To me, it made perfect sense...
You see, our Korean bathroom doesn't have a bathtub. 
Our shower head connects to our sink faucet
and hangs directly over our open bathroom floor, like so: 

So, in the mornings, after we both have showered, 
our bathroom floor remains wet. 
We usually direct a fan in there to speed things up, 
but the bathroom-floor-drying-process
will usually take at least a few hours. 
And this is life as we know it now. 
Completely normal.

One of the the hubs' biggest pet peeves is having his socks
or the bottoms of his pants wet. 

Therefore, in order to successfully use the bathroom 
after a shower, 
my husband will take off his pants. 

I laughed about his comment and mentioned to him later
that I thought it was interesting 
that he chose to say (and think!), 
"I hate it when I have to use the toilet after I've showered"
instead of saying,
"I hate that we don't have a bathtub." 

Perhaps we've lived in Asia too long... 


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