The Hubdate

Last week I posted about the hubs being sick and us not knowing what was wrong and being worried about it.

Well, now we know...

My husband has many ulcers lining "the entire geography of his esophagus". 
I put that phrase in quotations because that is exactly how the doctor said it.

This last week has been a hard one. John can't eat or drink anything without lots of pain. He is on all sorts of medication, but we have been told that the healing and recovery process will be slow, not easy, and not inexpensive.

What a time for us to trust in the Lord! 
We have been praying constantly; before every painful pill-taking, at every meal of blended sludge, through the worried nights, and at every point of discouragement and longing for a super burrito and some cola.

Our God is so faithful and He has not left us hanging.
 Though this week has not been easy, we have felt His encouragement, we have seen His people demonstrate great love, we have been reminded of His blessings, and we are so thankful.

I am so happy to report that today John is doing so much better. 
I realize that we still have a long road ahead of us, but it is hard not to be encouraged by the fact that John is able to eat and drink more and more everyday with less and less pain; that his energy levels are growing and the color has returned to his face; that he is laughing, cracking jokes, and even singing! 
I will rejoice in these small victories and trust that our good Father will bring us through this, no matter the outcome.

The hubs with his IV of high calorie fatty lipids, yay calories! 

The hubs & the cat watching Star Trek.
(We've never watched so much TV in our life!)


Linking up all over the place.

W.I.L.D {9}

I lift my hands