In Sync

Nope, this post is not about the beautiful boy band 
that haunted my adolescence, sorry. 

It's about marriage...


A couple of months ago, the hubs, discovered a program put out by 
This program is called Leadership Coaching
and it's free, ongoing, and for everyone. 
So, the hubs signed up and started watching some of the videos
and reading some of the material. 

One of the videos that he came across was 

I highly recommend watching this video, 
however, you will have to sign up for the free Leadership Coaching
in order to view the video. 

Pastor Mark discusses how important it is for our marriages 
that we set aside a time to "sync" with our spouse; a time set aside
on a weekly basis for getting on the same page, syncing calendars, 
discussing finances, making plans, etc. 
He stresses that this is not a "date night", but a business meeting. 
It's a time to organize your life together, 
and we all know how messy it can get. 

The hubs and I have been having weekly Sync meetings
for a couple of weeks now. 
I love it. 
I feel like I have so much less to be stressed about, 
even though I know I shouldn't be stressing in the first place. ^^ 
John and I have been able to make good plans, 
understand each other better, commit to things, 
set up a new budget, and really talk to one another about our life.

I hope that as time goes by, 
and as our family grows and changes,
syncing up with my husband regularly
 will help to glorify God in our marriage
and allow Him to pave the road of our life together, 
wherever He might lead us.  


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