Triple Word Score

Scrabble tiles have been all the rage on Pinterest lately. 

I decided to let myself be inspired. 

We don't play as much Scrabble as we would like these days, 
because I'm a crazy sore loser
because we just don't have much free time. 
So, I didn't feel bad about sorting through our Scrabble tiles
and using some of them for decorations. ^^ 

This "craft" is free and easy and only requires some tape, some Scrabble tiles, 
and some sticky tack: 

I picked out the letters I wanted and arranged them into the connected words. 
Then I taped them together on the backsides. 
I taped each of the letters together separately 
and then used one long strip of tape for each word for more security: 

I used bits of sticky tack on each corner and in other random spots
and then stuck the entire piece to the fridge. 

And yes, our microwave is on top of our fridge. 
We have a tiny apartment and we do what we can. 
And, it's really funny to see our short friends try and reach the microwave. =) 


Nobody does.

W.I.L.D {4}