Aslan & Lucy


When the whole party was finally awake 
Lucy had to tell her story for the fourth time. 
The blank silence which followed it was as discouraging as anything could be... 

"I can't see anything," said Peter after he had stared his eyes sore. 
"Can you, Susan?" 

"No, of course I can't," snapped Susan. 
"Because there isn't anything to see. She's been dreaming. 
Do lie down and go to sleep, Lucy." 

"And I do hope," said Lucy in a tremulous voice, 
"that you will all come with me. Because--because I'll have to go with Him 
whether anyone else does or not." 

"Don't talk nonsense, Lucy," said Susan. 
"Of course you can't go off on your own. Don't let her, Peter. 
She's being downright naughty." 

"I'll go with her, if she must go," said Edmund. "She's been right before." 

"I know she has," said Peter. "And she may have been right this morning. 
Still--at this hour of the night. And why should Aslan be invisible to us? 
He never used to be. It's not like Him..." 

"He's beating His paw on the ground for us to hurry," said Lucy. 
"We must go now. At least I must." 

"You've no right to try to force the rest of us like that. 
It's four to one and you're the youngest," said Susan. 

"Oh, come on," growled Edmund. 
"We've got to go. There'll be no peace till we do." 
He fully intended to back Lucy up, but he was annoyed at losing his night's sleep 
and was making up for it by doing everything as sulkily as possible. 

"On the march, then," said Peter, wearily fitting his arm into his shield-strap 
and putting his helmet on. 
At any other time he would have said something nice to Lucy, who was his favorite sister, 
for he knew how wretched she must be feeling, and he knew that, 
whatever had happened, it was not her fault. 
But he couldn't help being a little annoyed with her all the same. 

Susan was the worst. "Supposing I started behaving like Lucy," she said. 
"I might threaten to stay here whether the rest of you went on or not..." 

And so at last they got on the move. 
Lucy went first, biting her lip and trying not to say all the 
things she thought of saying to Susan. 
But she forgot them when 
she fixed her eyes on Aslan.


Excerpt from Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis, Chapter Eleven



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