Upcycled Frame

So, I found this big framed painting in the trash the other day...

Not an ugly painting at all, but I had other dreams for it. 

After a little effort, I turned it into this: 

Not bad, ay? 
I love it. ^^ And, it looks perfect with our green & brown scheme bedroom. 

1. First, I removed the backing and painting from the frame 
and painted the frame a nice chocolate brown. 

2. I took the painting and wrapped it in a fun fabric, 
using hot glue to adhere it to the backing. 

3. That could have been a great wall hanging on its own, 
but I decided to add a simple embellishment. 
I wrote out the words "choose love", 
first in pencil, then in marker, onto the fabric. 

4. Lastly, I traced over the written down letters with hot glue
(going slowly, bit by bit, in order to ensure hot glue and a secure hold)
and placed a navy colored yarn on top. 



W.I.L.D {3}

Green Card