The Oath

Last weekend we went and saw Green Lantern
It was pretty entertaining (a little cheesy) and surprisingly clean. 
I wouldn't recommend it as a family movie, 
and we probably won't want to own it, 
but it was a good, exciting superhero movie. 

I don't know much about comic book story lines
and I didn't know anything about the Green Lantern before seeing the movie. 
I really liked the concept...
Regular, struggling guy chosen to be a part of an intergalactic
peace-keeping squad that possess the power to turn anything
they see in their minds into a powerful, green reality.
Cool, right? 

As our hero is initiated into the Green Lantern squad, 
he learns the Green Lantern Oath: 


The climactic scene at the end of the movie finds our hero
up against the evilest of all evils, fear itself personified
It's an extremely hopeless situation and the Green Lantern 
is fighting with all his strength and losing big time. 

At the point when it seems that all hope is lost 
and the Green Lantern is at his weakest, about to be destroyed, 
he repeats The Oath

And as he repeats those powerful words, his strength is renewed. 
The Oath brought the turning point in the battle and, 
as you might have guessed, 
the Green Lantern defeats the evil and saves the day. 

What incredible imagery! 
We have the very Word of God at our fingertips to spur us on in our spiritual battles! 

All I could think about as I watched that Green Lantern scene 
was an incredible sermon that John Piper preached on memorizing Scripture. 
Hilarious to think of John Piper in that Green Lantern suit! 

Jesus says in John 15:7: 
"If you remain in me and my words remain in you,
 ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you."

And Jesus can DEFINITELY provide victory! Amen? 

So, what's your Oath? 


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