Green Card

No, I'm not traveling, 
nor am I pursuing work in another country. 

But, I do have a new green card...

Last week my husband and I were separated for the first time in our 4 years of marriage. 
While he traveled across the globe for a best friend's wedding, 
I remained at home. 

I was absolutely dreading the separation. 
It was only going to be for 4 days, but I was freaking out.
I felt so silly, especially because I have so many dear friends 
who are military wives and have to deal with this 
sort of thing on a much HUGER level. 

All the same, I was not in good shape. 
I realized that I needed some help. 
So, a few days before John left I sent an email to many dear sisters, 
explained our situation to them and earnestly asked them for their continual prayer. 
[I should mention at this point that the hubs was equally as distressed 
about our impending separation as I was.]

Praise the Lord for those dear sisters! 
Their encouraging words, messages, hugs, offers to keep me busy, 
and committed prayers were like a cooling salve
on a burning wound. 

The morning of goodbye came. 

It was ROUGH

I left for work, John left for the airport. 
I found myself sitting at my desk, staring teary-eyed at nothing, 
trying desperately to focus on something else. 
I ran frantically to the Psalms and found incalculable relief. 

I grabbed the first piece of paper that I could find
(green on the front, white on the back)
and penned down some of the verses that I found that morning. 
I laminated that paper and pocketed my 'green card' for easy access. 

I can't count how many times I brought out that card 
and prayed through those verses. 
There's nothing like praying through Scripture. 

Thank You, Jesus, that John made it home safely this week. 
Thank You that the wedding was wonderful. 
Thank You for keeping me safe. 
Thank You for Your mighty faithfulness. 
Thank You for my green card, and for giving me Your divine peace. 



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