Felt Earring Frame

I'm pretty excited to share this tutorial today. ^^ 

May I introduce you to the Felt Earring Frame

Neat, huh? 

This earring holder is pretty and functional;
and it was so simple to make! 

Here's what you'll need to make it...

- foam board
- hot glue gun
- box cutter or X-ACTO knife
- yarn (in preferred color[s])
- thin, but sturdy, felt (in preferred color)

1. Start by cutting your foam board down to desired size 
and using a straight edge to trace the shape of your frame. 

2. Cut out the inner square with knife. 

3. Use the knife to "shave" down rounded corners for the edges of your frame
(don't worry, this doesn't have to be perfect!).  

4. Tape down a piece of yarn and start wrapping. 

The freshly wrapped frame: 

I decided to use two different colors of yarn because I love the contrast
and because I ran out of green

5. I added a cute brown fabric flower as an embellishment. 
You can find a simple fabric flower tutorial here

6. Using the hot glue gun, attach the felt square to the back of the frame
and add a little loop of yarn to the top center. 

View from the front: 

7. Now for the fun part: add your earrings! 
*If you are worried about damaging your earrings, 
use a needle to make the holes in the felt first. 

Hooray for a pretty and practical project! 


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