Recent crafties

The weather here in Korea the past few days has been wonderfully rainy, 
perfect for crafting, don't you think? 

1. Yarn & Felt Wreath

I whipped this little guy up in just about an hour, so easy and so classy looking! 

Since I don't have access to foam wreath forms here in Korea, 
I used regular foam board and just traced the circles onto it using 
a frying pan and a bowl. ^^ 

Then I wrapped my foam circle with navy-blue colored yarn and added 
the grey and white felt flowers and some paper leaves. 

You can find more lovely wreath inspiration here

2. Fabric Covered Canvas with Handmade Paper Pen & Ink

I started with a printed out copy of my chosen Bible verse in the desired fonts. 
I taped my print out down to the handmade green paper and started 
the process of stenciling down the letters. 
Once I had stenciled down all my letters I removed the print out
and colored in all my letters with the same ink pen. 

The stenciling and coloring process was tedious, but I thought it was worth it 
for the handmade look that it produced. 

I tore the edges of my pen & ink selection because I like the rough edges. 
I finished by using dots of hot glue to attach it to my fabric covered canvas. 

3. Felt Flower Clip

I found a great tutorial for these felt flowers here

Any suggestions for my next crafty-project? 



Views from {Downtown Pyeongtaek}

Views from {Mulhyanggi Arboretum}