The Silhouette Project {frames}

Working with the silhouettes I made previously, I measured out how big of a frame my silhouettes would need to be and cut out the size of the inside square of the frame. 

Trace the shape of the silhouette sized square onto
a larger piece of paper (I used A3 size). Fold the larger paper in half and begin freehand drawing one half of the shape of your desired frame. 

Cut out your frame shape, unfold it and make sure that your silhouette fits inside the frame. 

Put your frame template through the laminating machine to create a more stable stencil, cut out the inner square and frame shape, and test the size. 

Trace the frame stencil onto foam board and then cut out your frame carefully using a box cutter or an X-acto knife (don't use scissors because it will dent and tear the foam board). 

Now to decorate your foam frame. 

You will need: your foam frame(s), thin paper in desired color(s), white glue, a paint brush, water, a plastic container, paper towels, and a damp dish cloth or rag.

I started by tearing my two different colors of green paper into smaller pieces, for a more mosaic look on my frames. 

Dilute your white glue by mixing it together with a little bit of water in your plastic container. This diluted white glue makes a great substitute for Mod Podge

Now we're ready to cover the frames. I tested out all of my supplies by taking a scrap piece of foam board and gluing down some of the paper for practice. 

Paint some of the white glue glaze onto the foam board. Then paste down a piece of the paper. Then paint some more of the glaze down on top of the paper. 

Success! Now onto the frames. 
Make sure to keep your damp cloth and paper towels handy to clean up spills and stickiness. 


To finish off my Silhouette Project, I pasted my silhouettes onto cardstock, attached them to the backs of my frames, added a little hook (string and hot glue) to the backsides of my frames and viola! 

Happy framing! 

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