I've been blogging about this little blessing a lot lately. ^^ I've completely forgotten to mention another fantastic blessing that we've recently acquired, however...

Meet Gonzo. Also known as our 1997 Daewoo Leganza. 

We never thought we'd have a car here in Korea. We definitely never planned on purchasing one because: (a) Public transportation in Korea is just waaay too convenient and affordable to want/need a car and (b) because we're working on paying off the debt, buying a car would set us back a bit. 

God knew all of this, of course, and decided to bless us with a car anyway! Some friends of ours from church moved to Seoul recently (we live about 45 minutes south of Seoul) and decided to GIVE us their car! 

Isn't that amazing??

We've had the car for about a month now and we have been so so blessed by this great generosity through our friends from the Lord. For example, it used to take us over an hour to get to our church (and we've been traveling to church more and more frequently these days with our involvement on the music team and John teaching middle-school Sunday school now). We used to have to leave our apartment at least an hour before we needed to be at church, walk 10 minutes to the bus stop, wait for a bus (in the early morning cold), ride the bus for 30 mins (listening to the bus drivers' favorite Korean "Trot" tunes), and then walk 10 minutes from the bus stop to church. 

Now, we get in the car, drive 20 mins and we're there! 

Praise the Lord! 

John is also really enjoying driving again (I can't drive here because I can't swap out my American license for a Korean one because my American license has been expired for 2 years!) and it's wonderful to listen to our own music in the car. ^^ 


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